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Quilt Pattern: 54-40 or Fight!

Brugger Farms - Brian and Teresa
N4253 Rechsteiner Rd.
Monroe, WI 53566

The original 80-acre plot of land this farm sits on was purchased in 1926 by the John Henry and Martha Mauerman Family. The barn was built around 1928 - it had 3 draft horse stalls, one calf pen, and 15 milking stalls. The Mauerman's son Melvin farmed with his father. Melvin and his wife Dona (Burkhalter) purchased the farm in 1957. The barn was remodeled in 1964. The west wall was removed and made into a large barn door. The original milking stalls were removed and replaced with 20 new ones. When the Mauermans quit milking, they raised hogs, beef cattle, and chickens. In 1976 the farm was sold to Roger and Karen Brugger - who continued to raise hogs. In 1994 the Brugger's son Brian and his wife Teresa moved into the farmhouse, and cash rented the farm along with his brother Dave and family. The barn currently houses young dairy stock. On a nearby farm also owned by the Brugger Family (formerly the John Zurfluh Farm, where Dave and his family live) a new milking parlor was built in 2006. The Brugger's currently milk 430 cows in this double-sixteen parlor and farm about 1200 acres. The farming tradition continues now into the fourth generation with Brian and Dave's sons.

The Bruggers hosted the 2009 Green County Breakfast on the Farm.

GPS Coordinates
Latitude: 42.659429
Longitude: -89.520407

Sponsored By
Green County Ag Chest

Painted By
Kris Winkler

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